Ålgård Technology Park

Xrig is located in Ålgård Technology Park, where we have all the necessary support with highly qualified personnel in subject areas such as machining, qualification work, engineering, electrical, electronics, design and software.

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Today’s tenants in the technology park:


Collaboration between these companies allow our customers to receive a complete range of services from engineering, machining, assembly and testing.

We have a close cooperation with EnergyX for engineering, project management and fabrication related to Xrig test activities. Covering all such expertise as mentioned we intend to continue building unique knowledge and technology within Norway, that at a later stage can be exported abroad if done correctly. It is all about developing what is already achieved today. We know that the tough times we’re now facing in the oil & gas market will require much more of all companies in the industry, and that streamlining in terms of improved technology will be a significant contributor.