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Test Equipment

In close cooperation with EnergyX, we have wide range of test equipment available to perform testing for customers. The test facilities are capable of replicating any scenario your intervention or subsea product may encounter.

  • Experienced and highly skilled personnel

  • Test Center with remote control room

  • Data acquisition system for test reports and documentation

  • In-house engineering services to provide mock-ups and interfaces

  • In-house CNC-machining makes it possible to perform modifications and repairs on short notice if required

Fluid pumps

  • Effect: 2 x 900 BHP
  • Max Flow: 3,200 l/min @ 2,400 psi
  • Max Pressure: 10,000 psi @ 477 l/min
  • Fluid: All

Horizontal drilling test rig

Can be used for several types of testing, e.g. milling plugs, drilling, whipstock milling etc.

  • Total length: 23 ft /7 m
  • Maximum stroke: 9,8 ft / 3 m
  • Maximum WOB: 22K lbs /10 T
EnergyX testing

HPHT Well Simulator

Simulates high temperatures and high pressures at various well inclinations. 
Wire feed thru for running e-line equipment.

  • Max length: 11 meters
  • Inclination: 0 – 80° 
  • SWP: 12K psi
  • E-line Communications: 12K psi PBH
EnergyX testing
EnergyX testing


For power measurements for thru tubing motors and various other motor types. 

  • Max Torque: 3,400 Nm / 2,510 ft/lbs
  • Max push force: 7,500 lbs / 3400 kg
  • Max pull force: 12,000 lbs / 5 450 kg
  • Max speed: 1,200 rpm
EnergyX testing
EnergyX testing

Hyperbaric test cell

  • Max pressure: 22 000 psi / 1500 bar
  • ID: 6,2 in
  • Height: 43 in / 1100 mm

Equipped with bulkheads for electronics and hydraulics. Possibly to combine pressure test and heat test (HPHT) up to 175 °C. 

Pressure testing

We have experienced personnel that can perform pressure testing up to 20,000 psi.

Our data acquisition system is used for logging and documenting pressure test certificates.

Push / pull test bench

  • Max push: 50 ton
  • Max pull: 30 ton
  • Max tool diameter: 220 mm
  • Max tool length: 3,600 mm

Possibility for applying rotation and side forces.

EnergyX testing - push pull

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