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Vision & Values

Xrig’s vision is to become a leading international company within testing and offshore rental of products and equipment related to the oil and gas industry. Primarily for P&A equipment but also within other services, products and segments related to the oil and gas industry.

  • Our goal related to testing is to create a realistic offshore environment to recreate the challenges and conditions that will face our customers in a later stage.
  • Our goal related to offshore operations and rental services is to be the first choice for our customers in need of modular rig and associated rig equipment.

Xrig’s strategy is to assist our customers with excellent professional competence and quality equipment so that we can meet the customer’s requirements and expectations in the best possible way.

Core values

Xrig AS is committed to providing excellent technology testing services to our clients. The service we deliver increases and optimizes operational efficiency and safety and in turn decrease overall operational costs by assisting in testing current and new technology developments. Our streamlined organization is set up with the aim of efficient testing and subsequent commercialization of all types of energy technology including well simulation.  


Protecting our people, client and the environment is our top priority. Our QHSE program is designed in a way that helps us continually improve the quality and safety of our operations.


Our project performance is key in assuring the return of every client. We understand that the time we spend testing is a cost for our clients. We always strive to optimize our solutions and testing designs to minimize the impact to our clients budgets.


By thorough planning and good communication, we ensure effective execution of our projects that are cost-saving for both us and the customer.


We take pride in stating that there is nothing that cannot be achieved, and no project is too big. Our Client testimonials is proof that we deliver on this statement. We can plan today and execute tomorrow. 

HSE policy

Xrig is actively striving to maintain a good HSE policy through good routines, processes and attitudes among our employees. We will always put health, safety and environment as the first priority in our work. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that procedures and guidelines are followed. Deviation and undesirable actions will be reported and treated in a separate system that facilitates all employees to use it actively.

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