Although our energy sector is shifting and we are entering into a new era of a greener and cleaner energy future. We also recognize that todays energy sector will continue to be dependent on our current energy sources.

In order to maintain the current energy production methods we still need people with the correct skills and knowledge of todays energy extraction methods. Take a look at this short video made from our last training session. 

If you wish to complete a formal education towards becoming an oilfield worker then we can proudly say that we are an education institute. We offer education within drilling and maintenance operator for students at upper secondary school (VG3) aiming to obtain a trade certificate (fagbrev som bore- og vedlikeholdsoperatør). See our education page or for more information about this course. 

Xrig Drill Control Cabin
Xrig offices

In addition, this is a selection on what we can offer our clients:

  • Testing and development facilities
  • Development of new equipment and new technology
  • Benefits of special expertise around the technology park
    • Target Intervention
    • EnergyX
    • Coreall
    • Well-Set
    • As well as other technical and professional partners in the park
  • Support for industry
  • Support for other education centres
  • Rigg visits
  • Collaboration on practical courses
  • Collaboration on theoretical courses
  • Collaboration on curriculum and competence certification
  • Collaboration / agreement on specific equipment in the training context
  • In the long term, we will also offer apprenticeships.