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In order to maintain the current energy production methods we still need people with the correct skills and knowledge of todays energy extraction methods.  Xrig have built a competence centre, where we, together with the state of the art rig module, will be able to provide extensive testing and training services for the oil and gas industry.

Please be patient, we are currently expanding our course portfolio and will eventually list all our courses here. In the meantime, contact us at rba@xrig.com for questions or inquiries.

2-day introduction course in drilling and wells with both theory and practice tailored to the customers’ needs and wishes. The participants will better understand the drilling & well profession and how drilling operations take place offshore. 


In the near future we will offer courses in pipe handler crane and cherrypicker with basket. The course is in cooperation with Maersk Training.

Training agreement

We have signed a cooperation agreement with Maersk Training Norway and Proserv, which will allow our clients to reduce their total cost of training by including a wider scope of technical and hands-on equipment training. We combine our full-size rig floor facilities with Maersk Training’s learning concepts and state-of-the-art mobile or cloud-based drilling and intervention simulators to give our customers even more relevant and realistic training.


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