Our people

Xrig consists of an organization with 5 employees who all have wide competence and experience in the industry. The operations manager ensures that the work is performed in the best possible way to ensure good and realistic results for our customers, as well as efficient execution of the work both on- and offshore. The operations engineer ensures good follow-up and planning of the work to be performed and that all factors and challenges are taken care of. Our general manager ensures that the general operation of the company is done in accordance with our quality requirements and assists with expertise, technical solutions and facilitation so that our customers will experience us as a positive, innovative and professional company within the segments we operate within.

CEO / Daglig leder

Rune Bakke

Technical Manager

Martin Ask

sALES & Projects Manager

Kjetil Nesse

Our goal is to please our customers and have an open dialogue during the ongoing projects

Project Coordinator / Toolpusher

Kjell Arne Tang

Specialist Teacher

Tomas Netland

Our main focus is to create a good working/classroom environment for the students, where quality, health, environment and safety come`s first. With motivation, honesty and cooperation, we will prepare the students for a future job offshore in the drilling industry.