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BOP Control Unit

BOP Rentals


  • Increased efficiency
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Temporary use
  • Water/ glycol hydraulic fluid
  • State of the art monitoring and control system

Design Features



The 13-10M Shaffer Model LXT ram blowout preventer (LXT BOP) with 151/4 UltraLock IITM(B) operators, 151/4 PosLock® operators with 151/4 boosters and hydraulic door sliders provides a rugged and reliable preventer that is easily serviced in the field.

Special features include:

  • Patented XT “Boltless Door” design for fast and simple ram changes.
  • Hydraulic door sliders, controlled at the BOP, for fast and safe ram access.
  • UltraLock II(B) operators.
  • PosLock operators with boosters
  • Radial door seals between door and body.
  • Standard internal H2S trim.
  • LXT one-piece pipe ram assemblies.
  • Ram changer — a ram extraction tool for fast ram change.
  • Wear rings between the piston and cylinder for increased seal life.
  • Poly Bi-Pak piston seals.
  • Lip-type ram shaft seals to hold the wellbore pressure and opening hydraulic pressure.
  • Secondary ram shaft packing seals.

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