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Solids Control

Control cabin

The A60 control cabin is a pressurized container that consist of the following comparments:

  • Control room with HMI operator panel
  • MCC room with power distribution to all modules

Reserve Tanks

The mud reserve tanks are provided to store freshly prepared mud until required. The tank is split into two compartments to allow for different mud weights to be prepared and stored. The tank is continuously agitated to maintain adequate mixing and prevent settling of weighting agents.

Active & trip tank

Active tank is split internally using over and under flows into the following sections:

  • Sand Pit  
  • Degasser Suction Pit
  • Active pit


Trip tank is a separate compartment of the active tank module. 

Mud mixing module

The mud mix module is a container that’s contain equipment to add solid chemical in a safe and convenient way.

Pill & Slug tank

Pill & Slug module have two small compartments of 10 m3 each and form part of the mud mix treatment system. These compartments are isolated from the active system and are available for small volumes of specialized fluid. 

Mud gas separator

The Mud Gas Separator receives drilling fluid from the choke valve skid. The purpose of the Mud Gas Separator is to remove gas mixed with the drilling fluid before the drilling fluid flows over the shale shaker.


The ventline is mounted on top of the mud gas separator. 

Shale shaker

The shale shaker is an electrically driven balanced elliptical vibrating machine. Two vibratory motors are mounted on the shale shaker. It has a triple-deck screen arrangement, with individual screen pneumatically clamped in place.

Vacuum degasser

The vacuum degasser is a hydraulically driven machine which is installed above the active tank.


The centrifuge is used to reduce and discharge fine solids within the active mud system. This recovers the more expensive liquid phase of the mud for reuse, minimising dilution and therefore reducing mud cost.

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